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Day 16 of 21 Day Weight Loss Challenge

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Click here to learn more about the "Psychology of Weight Loss Course"! In this episode of the 21 Day Weight Loss Challenge, I discuss the topic of stress and how it relates to weight loss. I start by explaining the true definition of stress and how it is a combination of physiological and psychological responses. I emphasize the importance of understanding both external and internal sources of stress, as well as the role of perception and interpretation in our stress responses.

I share a personal story from my time in medical school to illustrate how different coping mechanisms can impact stress levels. I also discuss the role of habitual thought patterns and the negative impact of perfectionism and pessimism on stress levels. I encourage listeners to reframe their thoughts and adjust their expectations to better manage stress. The episode also explores the concept of control and choice, highlighting the importance of taking responsibility for our reactions to external events.

I emphasize the value of self-reflection and journaling to gain clarity and perspective on stressful situations. I discuss the practical steps to manage stress, including mindfulness, cognitive restructuring, and seeking support from therapists or loved ones. Finally, I introduce the action step for the day, which is to learn how to relax. I encourage listeners to identify relaxing hobbies and allocate dedicated time for them.

The episode concludes with a writing exercise to evaluate the effectiveness of the chosen hobby in reducing stress and explore the feasibility of incorporating it into daily routines. Overall, this episode provides valuable insights and practical tips for understanding and managing stress in the context of a weight loss journey. Listeners are reminded of the importance of self-care and taking the time to relax and recharge.


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