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Day 15 of 21 Day Weight Loss Challenge

If you want live coaching from me and want to learn more in-depth about how to lose weight sustainability check out my "Psychology of Weight Loss Course" and use the discount code WEIGHTLOSS21 at checkout to save $100.00 on the course!

Click here to learn more about the "Psychology of Weight Loss Course"! In this episode of the 21-day weight loss challenge, I focus on finding joy in movement. I emphasize the importance of shifting our mindset from formal exercise to embracing movement as a source of pleasure, well-being, and self-expression. I provide practical tips for finding enjoyment in physical activities, such as exploring different activities, listening to your body, adapting and modifying movements, incorporating social interaction, and setting realistic goals. I also highlight the benefits of mindfulness during exercise, creating a positive environment with music and pleasant surroundings, reflecting on the mental and physical health benefits of movement, cultivating gratitude for being able to move your body, and being flexible and kind to yourself throughout your fitness journey. The episode ends with an invitation for listeners to share their experiences of finding joy in everyday movement.


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