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Day 11 of 21 Day Weight Loss Challenge

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Welcome back to day 11 of our 21-day weight loss challenge. Today, we tackled the complex issue of emotional eating, a common struggle for many, especially post-pandemic. Emotional eating is when we turn to food, typically ultra-processed and comfort foods, in response to feelings other than physical hunger, such as stress or loneliness. This habit can lead to temporary relief but doesn't solve the underlying emotional issues.

We discussed the characteristics of emotional eating, which include being triggered by emotions, craving specific foods, and often eating mindlessly beyond the point of fullness, followed by feelings of guilt or shame.

To combat emotional eating, we explored B.J. Fogg's behavior model, which states that behavior requires motivation, a prompt, and the ability to perform the action. We also looked at strategies to identify emotional triggers, differentiate between emotional and physical hunger, and develop awareness of eating habits through mindful eating practices.

I suggested keeping a food diary to document what and when you eat, along with your emotions at the time, to reveal patterns in your eating habits. Additionally, finding alternative coping mechanisms for emotions, such as exercise or journaling, and seeking professional help if needed, can be beneficial.

Today's action step is to start tracking your food intake alongside your emotions to identify patterns and triggers. I also emphasized the importance of self-love and acceptance throughout this journey.

Join me tomorrow for day 12 as we continue to explore different aspects of weight loss and work towards building healthier habits. Thank you for joining me today, and I look forward to our next session.


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